~ At MBIC, Safety is #1! We strickly adhere to the highest level of safety standards and We have established a precedent in the industry, being one of the first firms to institute safety guidelines. Our safety record, and the practices we implement to maintain it, meet, or in most cases exceed industry requirements.
MBIC is always striving for the safest work environment possible.

. Employees are certified and have completed the O.S.H.A. ten hour safety program for the construction industry. This certification is renewed every three years.

. All on-site employees attend daily safety meetings that are conducted at every job site.

. Modern Builders’ Safety Director conducts routine on-site inspections.

. Every employee in excavation or supervision has been
certified through the appropriate additional O.S.H.A. training courses.

. Safety awards are presented to employees with no “lost-time” accidents.

. Consistently low Experience Modification Rate (EMR).
Our average score for the last seven years is .84.

. Employees attend Three River Safety Council 4-hour
Contractors’ Safety Orientation Class annually.

We Believe In And Insist Upon Safety, Making Zero Accidents A Reality!

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