Metal Roofing  

C and DGroup Teams up with Architectural Metal Systems, the leader in value added Metal Roofing Systems.

NEW Roof or Retrofit Systems

Architectural Flexibility and Appearance

~ The use of metal roofing systems is growing at a phenomenal rate. AMS roof systems, available in a full range of attractive panel options and colors, allow design flexibility meeting virtually any design requirement. By adding our selection of engineered, light-gauge sub-framing systems, which allow quick and economical changes in roof slopes and configurations, the design possibilities are endless.

Life Cycle Cost Savings

~ Metal roofing systems are the most weather tight and longest lasting roofing solution on the market. When life cycle costs-the initial investment cost, on-going maintenance costs, insurance costs and energy savings-are all factored into the overall equation, metal roofs are the most economical, long term option available.

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