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Join the many area companies who have regularly relied on C and D Group to meet their maintenance needs. Here is a partial listing of those companies and the services we have provided.

Maintenance services include:

> Total maintenance
> Fabrication
> Plant modernization
> Craft supervision
> Construction/capital projects
> Planning and scheduling
> Specialty services
> Supplemental maintenance
> Plant Safety
> Plant Environment

Caterpillar Inc.
> Various pipefitting repair work.
> Concrete repair.

Ivex Corporation
> Rebuilt and expanded paper mill machinery.
> Rebuilt hydropulpers and made roll changes.
> Structural steel fabrication and rework.
> Welding of all types.
> Concrete reconstruction and rebuilding.
> Roof repair.
> ADA work.

Citgo Petroleum Company
> Concrete repair.
> Remodel miscellaneous buildings.
> Structural steel upgrade.

Johns Manville Corporation
> Set loading racks.
> Change wet end press rolls, gears and gear boxes.
> Pour concrete footings.

Kemlite Company
> Change gear boxes and various rolls.
> Pipe rack installation.
> Structural concrete and block wall repair.

City of Joliet
> Changed blowers and pumps in City’s treatment plants.

~ C and D Group has the ability to do routine maintenance with our trained supervisors and crews. We employ experienced pipefitters, millwrights, cement finishers, carpenters, equipment operators, ironworkers and laborers. We can expedite scheduled turn-a-round work and downtime to meet customer requirements. We will complete all necessary repairs and change outs on your schedule. Our firm provides specialized services that supplement customer expertise.

~ Whether you need emergency repairs or routine maintenance, call the reliable professionals at Modern Builders.

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